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The city honors our neighbors

The Outstanding Neighbor or Neighborhood Association honors a group or individual neighbors that set an example, performed a project encouraging civic participation, or enhanced the city some manner. Two members of our neighborhood were honored with this award.

Honored for weeks of fending off illegal camping and litter at the tiny Mill Race Park, was Burt Eikleberry. He brought together several organizations including the city, homeless shelters, fire department, public works, neighbors – and even approached the homeless campers with compassion and encouragement to find the needed services.

Mary Gilds, known as the ‘Angel of Tripp Street’, was recognized for several years of weekly, sometimes daily cleanup of litter around and under the overpass near Tripp, 14th, and surrounding areas.

The Willard C. Marshall Award is the highest award granted by the City of Salem. The award was established at the bequest of the estate of Willard Marshall who was the Mayor of Salem from 1963-1965. We’re so proud this year’s award went to Lois Stark for her work on behalf of the Salem Public Library.

Congratulations to all three recipients for these well deserved recognitions!