Neighbor to Neighbor Mediation

Imagine you and your neighbor have a disagreement that’s escalating. Maybe it’s a noisy pet or a messy yard. Filing a lawsuit feels extreme, and you just want a peaceful resolution. That’s where Salem’s Neighbor to Neighbor Mediation (N2N) comes in.

N2N offers free mediation services to help neighbors, business and organizations work things out. Their trained volunteer mediators act as neutral guides, facilitating communication to find common ground. Instead of a judge making a decision, you and your neighbor have a chance to voice your concerns and collaboratively reach a solution that works for both of you. N2N empowers you to take control and find a win-win situation.

We have the capacity to facilitate large group mediations such as town hall or chamber groups, businesses, churches, schools or organizational administrations, even if they are contentious.

Often we would consider a mediation team approach to those gatherings. Either way, our community mediations typically involve a thorough process of case development and preparation before we gather at the table.

How many cases do we get per year? From about 400 cases in 2021 it went up to almost a 1,000 in 2023. 2024 is shaping up to finish even higher.

What languages can we accommodate? Spanish, Russian,Vietnamese, Arabic, Korean, Mandarin/ Cantonese, Chuukese, Portuguese, Somali, Mixteco, Punjabi, Hindi, Urdu, Swahili, Marshallese. Other languages are available upon request, including ASL. All non-english services are met through Professional Interpreters.

Andrea Christiansen, Mediator

If you are interested in learning more about resolving conflict peacefully, N2N offers valuable resources and training programs. Their website provides detailed information about the services, along with contact details for offices in Salem and surrounding cities. You can also explore opportunities to get involved by volunteering as a mediator or participating in training programs.