Our Neighborhood

How Rabbits Die

“Once upon a time, there was a quiet neighborhood where people lived in harmony with their pets. Dogs barked, cats roamed, and birds sang. However, something strange started happening one day – domestic rabbits started running wild!”

That is how last year’s report on two expanding rabbit colonies in our neighborhood started. It seems time has not been kind to the predators-of-grass-and-foliage. Sighting a rabbit today has become a lot harder. Presumably, despite their legendary promiscuity, the critters are dwindling in numbers. At least one of them found its demise on a local street.

It is unclear if somebody took offence to the wagging of fluffy tails, and subsequently the law in their own hands, or if the rabbit ran into the wrong end of the sometimes unpredictable local driving style.

The Annual Nesting of Walter and Irene

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