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World Bee day in the backyard

Today brings another World Bee Day!

Oregon is home to about 500 species of bees. You can find them in forests, fields and our own gardens. These busy insects are the main pollinators for 90% of plants, so keeping them healthy is important.

Honey Bees like to visit our yards. Or more precisely, the busy creatures are foraging for nectar from the many blooming flowers we humans surround ourselves with.

And there are ways that we can help them. One way is to leave them bee. Another is adding plants they love to your yard.

The Oregon Beekeepers Association has made a list of pollinator-friendly plants that thrive in the Willamette Valley. Trees and shrubs and flowers, can all help make the life of our pollinating friends easier. That way they are also around when our local produce needs them, and we can enjoy tasty fruit and vegetables for a long time to come.

World Bee Day in Oregon

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