Our City

Your Library, Your Living Room

Use the many free online services of the Salem City Library from Home: Watch movies, listen to books, learn a language or how to craft… Here are some of our favorites:

Canopy is a streaming platform, offering a selection of movies, documentaries, and educational content. The catalog features acclaimed films, indie gems, thought-provoking documentaries and month-long The Great Courses classes.

CreativeBug, the online crafting and DIY platform, presents a wealth of instructional videos, tutorials, and project ideas across various creative disciplines. From sewing and knitting to painting and jewelry making, Creativebug offers a diverse range of classes suitable for beginners and experienced crafters alike, from the comfort of their own homes. 

Chilton Car Library is a valuable automotive resource available through many city libraries, offering a comprehensive collection of repair and maintenance manuals for a wide range of vehicles. Whether you’re a seasoned mechanic or a DIY enthusiast, Chilton Car Library provides detailed information and step-by-step instructions for performing repairs, maintenance tasks, and troubleshooting common issues.

Libby, a user-friendly app provided by many city libraries, provides access to a vast digital collection of eBooks and audiobooks. With Libby, library patrons can borrow and enjoy a wide range of titles on their smartphones, tablets, or eReaders, eliminating the need for physical library visits.

Transparent Language Online offers an extensive range of resources and tools for language acquisition. With Transparent Language Online, users have access to interactive lessons, vocabulary-building exercises, and cultural insights designed to facilitate language learning at all levels. The platform covers a wide variety of languages, from popular choices like Spanish and French to less commonly studied languages.

Consumer Reports is a trusted resource available through many city libraries, providing consumers with unbiased product reviews, ratings, and buying guides across a wide range of categories. From appliances and electronics to cars and home goods, Consumer Reports offers expert evaluations and recommendations to help users make informed purchasing decisions.