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A heron in the neighborhood?

We got sightings, and a video, of a juvenile heron in our neighborhood. And a pretty rare one to boot.

The Audubon Society confirmed this particular bird as a Green Heron.

The tranquil ambiance of a backyard pool takes an enchanting turn as a juvenile Green Heron makes an unexpected visit. The vibrant yet slightly mottled plumage reveals its youthful demeanor as it cautiously explore the poolside.

With an air of curiosity, the fledgling heron tentatively approaches the water’s edge, the golden eyes reflecting a mix of wonder and apprehension. As it peers into the crystalline water, the rhythmic ripples cast a mesmerizing dance of light and shadow on the feathers.

This young heron, still mastering the art of hunting, occasionally darts its beak into the water with hopeful intent, mimicking the graceful strikes of its experienced adult counterparts. The juxtaposition of its innocence against the backdrop of the tranquil oasis paints a scene of harmony between nature’s untamed beauty and the everyday world of human habitation.

If you wonder why the above video is not available on Youtube, you can read that story in How Google Shut us Down (Again).

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