How to deal with increased car theft and graffiti

As a resident of SESNA are you worried about the recent increase in car break-ins, car theft and tagging in the area? Here are steps you can take to protect yourself and your property.

First, make sure your vehicle is secured and free of any valuables. Thieves are often attracted to cars with visible items inside. Remove or hide your electronics, cash or other personal belongings. We also recommend locking car doors and windows at all times, even if you are only leaving the car unattended for a short period. Do not start the car and leave it unattended, if you are not also able to lock the car while absent. For older and/or less secure car models, a quality steering wheel lock is an option.

Second, consider installing security cameras around your property to deter potential criminals. A visible camera system can act as a strong deterrent and provide evidence to law enforcement in the event of a crime. Another helpful item is having you property well-lit
(using neighborhood friendly yellow bulbs, not harsh blue ones), making it an even less attractive target.

Third, stay connected with your neighbors and the wider community. By keeping each other informed of any suspicious activity or incidents, we can work together to prevent further crimes.

If all else fails, the City of Salem offers help. When spotting a car theft (or other crime) in progress, call 9-1-1. Use the online system to report a crime after the fact.
You can report graffiti directly to the Salem Police Department Graffiti Abatement Team to get it removed quickly. Documenting the tags also helps the city evaluate potential gang activity.

Good luck and be safe!