New Year, New Us!


Happy New Year!

A new year is an opportunity. We can choose to keep doing what we’ve always done, or try something new.

Your neighborhood association is trying new things, and we hope you’ll get involved!

At our next public board meeting, we’ll formally introduce our new meeting structure for 2019. The first meeting of each quarter (January, April, July, and October) will be a regular business meeting.

The other meetings? We’ll start with a brief business meeting, just half an hour long. After that, we will spend the next hour in groups working on projects. And you can join any project group you like!

Projects under consideration for 2019:

  • Community Emergency Response Team (CERT) training and promotion
  • Porch Light Campaign
  • Mission, Vision, and Bylaws Update
  • Online Content/Social Media Development
  • Neighborhood Cleanup (large item pickup, etc.)
  • Litter Pickups
  • Geer Line Visioning and Improvements
  • Community Yard Sale
  • 2nd Annual Ice Cream Social
  • Murals on State Street
  • Neighborhood Archive – Local History
  • Welcoming Yard Signs
  • Visual Identity and Branding for SESNA

That’s a long list, and we won’t be able to do them all. Can you help us prioritize them?

Come to our January 22 meeting and join us in deciding which projects to focus on this year. Which is most important to you? What do you want to get involved with?

Extra good news:

We were recently informed that SESNA has been selected for the City of Salem Neighborhood Partnership program, which has a two-year run (2019 and 2020). Other neighborhoods have raised funds and completed projects valued at $250-300,000 with help from the Neighborhood Partnership. What can we accomplish?

Jessica Preis from the City of Salem will join us on January 22nd and tell us how the Neighborhood Partnership program works. Come learn about this great opportunity!

We’ll also hear from Troy Brynelson of the Salem Reporter, City Councilor Tom Andersen, Salem Police Department, and Compliance Services/Code Enforcement officer Anthony Hinkle.

Come share concerns, news, and ideas!

Meeting Information:

South East Salem Neighborhood Association
January 22, 2019
7:00 PM
Capital Park Wesleyan Church
410 19th Street SE – 19th Street Mid-Block Entrance

Full agenda is posted at THIS LINK.