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A Heritage Neighborhood

On November 19, 2015 our neighborhood was designated as Salem’s second Heritage Neighborhood by the Salem Historic Landmarks Commission (HLC).

SESNA will participate in the Heritage Neighborhood program through June 2017. This program was established to help encourage Salem neighborhoods to learn about their history and provide them with an opportunity to engage in a positive way with the City’s historic preservation program.

The HLC is building upon the work that was completed through the NEN-SESNA Neighborhood Plan “Looking Forward” which was adopted in March, 2015. A sub-committee consisting of volunteers from the SESNA neighborhood has worked on a variety of projects to celebrate neighborhood heritage, including a set of street-sign toppers that call attention to different districts within SESNA (coming later in 2017) and ongoing work to design utility box wraps that will promote the area’s heritage.


In celebration, we have created a Heritage Neighborhood calendar.