Street Trees

Since 2013, SESNA has partnered with the City of Salem and multiple volunteer groups, to plant trees in the residential parts of our neighborhood. To date, we’ve planted 139 trees along our streets!

SESNA spend an afternoon with R. Milan Davis, the City’s Urban Forester, to learn about his vision. Milan moved into our neighborhood in 2020 and can often be seen walking about, doing his job in a very eyes-on and hands-on manner. To find out more about Plants and Trees click the link or email the man himself with any questions.

Street trees

In the City of Salem, street trees are those trees located in right of way. In most cases, the trees are located in the ‘planting strip’, between the sidewalk and the curb.

The trees are City property, and are provided at no cost by the City of Salem, to any property owner willing to commit watering the young trees for three years during summer.

New replaces old

Trees grow old, and sometimes sick. The City removes hazardous trees all summer and fall. In early winter the trunks are removed. Mid to late winter new and replacement trees are planted.

In the past, SESNA has planted trees on Martin Luther King Jr. Day. The trees are dormant midwinter, and this helps them avoid transplant shock.

Today the City is much more hands-on. New trees are planted during all of winter, by the City professionals themselves.

Select trees

Trees planted under the street tree program are chosen by you (from a City-approved list) and aren’t especially messy or brittle, are safe for overhanging cables and won’t lift up sidewalks.

Certain trees are the right size for almost any planting strip, even if it’s as narrow as 3 or 4 feet, even under dense power lines.

Request a tree

Request a new tree to be planted in front of your property